If problems develop with your commercial ice machine, it is always best to have them resolved immediately.Even minor problems can lead to serious issues over time. Leaks, tripped circuits, and other irregularities with the performance of your ice machine must be evaluated by a trained professional. We will install it with great care, so that you won’t have to worry about the supply of water to the system or the drainage of any ice melt throughout the day.

Manitowoc’s Ice Storage Bins and Dispensers

  • Modular Ice Machines: Available in 22″, 30″ and 48″ widths.
  • B-Style Ice Storage Bins: Available in 22″ and 30″ widths. Featuring one-piece corrosion-free composite-resin base, impact-resistant polyethylene bin liner, soft durameter trim that helps silence bin closing, internal scoop holder and protectant bumper guards.
  • SPA and SFA Series Ice Dispensers: Available in 22″ and 30″ widths. Featuring high-volume dispensing with patented “push-for-ice” rocking chute dispense mechanism and paddle wheel technology.
  • Ice Storage Bin and Cart Systems: Includes two 240 lb. capacity carts with lids.
  • F-Style Large Capacity Ice Storage Bins: Available in 30″ and 48″ and 60″ widths. Equipped with ice gate for increased employee safety, easier ice removal, and reduced spillage. The 30″ model is one of the smallest footprint large capacity storage bins available.

Manitowoc’s Indigo Series Ice Machines

No one knows ice better than R.S. Sales & Service. The Indigo uncomplicates everything about the ice making process. State-of-the-art diagnostics provide constant and reliable monitoring of refrigeration systems. In turn, that information is used to improve energy management, set proper ice production levels, streamline cleaning processes, ease food safety concerns, maintain ice quality and quickly display up-to-date service information.

No one knows ice machines better than Manitowoc, that’s why all you need to know is that with the Indigo, great-tasting ice will be waiting for you when ou need it the most.

KOOLAIRE Ice Makers by Manitowoc

Koolaire ice machines are designed from the ground up to meet your operational demands for a worry-free, simple-to-use, basic ice machine; but that doesn’t mean we cut corners on quality. Instead, we used a combination of engineering experience and manufacturing expertise to create an affordable, reliable ice machine at a price that’s well within reach.

We didn’t cut corners on the ease-of-use, cleaning or maintenance either. There are only three controls you need: “On”, “Off” and “Clean”. For cleaning, access to the evaporator and food zone is simple with the removal of just two screws and an easy, lift-off door.

On the outside, Kookaire ice machines feature a high-tech stainless-like finish that has been engineer-tested with superior corrosion resistance. The best part is that it’s smudge and fingerprint resistant, so it stays clean-looking longer. When it needs to be cleaned, a mild detergent is all it takes-no special cleaner required.

Koolaire modular “Kube” ice machines are available in three convenient sizes: 22″, 30″ and 48″ with 7 different production ranges from 250 lbs. to 1,350 lbs. of ice per day. Koolaire is made by America’s #1 selling brand of ice machines, Manitowoc Ice. Manufacturing quality and experience you can depend on. Which is why when it’s an affordable, a reliable ice machine is what you need. You can count on Koolaire.


How does ASHRAE Standard 188 impact ice machines? The cold water dipensers of hospital ice machines have been proven to be a potential source of Legionella. Two studies, in 1985 and 1997, traced Legionella directly to the ice.

ASHRAE Standard 188 requires that the Legionellosis risk management plan include a monitoring method and schedule for measuring the chemical disinfectant residual in the cold water system, which includes the ice machines. Maintaining a residual of 0.5 mg/l disinfectant such as chlorine in the ice machine may help reduce the risk of Legionella.


You now have the best ice machine available – Keep it that way.
R.S. Sales & Service offers unmatched customer satisfaction with our turn-key installation and start-up programs as well as dedicated expert service technicians. Our programs ensure that your ice machine is installed and started properly, your staff is thoroughly trained on its operation, and customized maintenance programs are available. These programs provide a superior ownership experience and help to extend product longevity.

Our exceptional aftermath support is built on:
Customer support through planned maintenance programs and extended service contracts that keep equipment running at optimum performance.

We don’t turn our backs on our equipment. Our customer service programs provide reliable, responsive, and superior service throughout the lifecycle of your equipment. From installation to general maintenance, our comprehensive after-market service support gives you one less thing to worry about.

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