Inspection Agreement

Equipment Problems Owners and Managers Face:

Equipment Breakdowns – High Repair Bills – High Electrical/Water Costs – Drains Leaking – High Product Loss

The procedure for the Inspection Agreement is as follows:

  • Check temp on all refrigeration
  • Clean condensers
  • Oil fan motors (where applicable)
  • Break down the ice makers
  • Check pressures on beer system (where applicable)
  • Inspect hardware and gaskets
  • Clean evaporators on walk-ins
  • Check drain line for proper drainage
  • Bring to the manager’s attention, any problems or potential problems that need addressing

  • 10% Discount
  • Extends the life of the equipment
  • Less electricity usage
  • Peace of mind knowing that the equipment was serviced by a professional
  • Fewer repairs will be needed because the equipment is checked and serviced on a regular basis
  • Fewer breakdowns and less food spoilage

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